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You need not suffer burnouts anymore|Welcome to Elite.C.Essays

We understand that students often have to balance between work, school, and family. Such a scenario is complex and leaves one aspect of life stagnated. While students seek to pursue academic excellence, the family and co-curricular aspect which serves as a moral or therapeutic pillar of life maybe lost.

With Elite College Essays, you need not stagnate any aspect. We will handle all your academics as you work on the other aspects of your life that are of equal or greater importance. While at it, experience academic breakthroughs and attain top grades. 

Our Specialties

Creative Writing

Creative writing requires an imaginative mind. Besides the educational qualifications, it requires a writer who can develop a paper creatively. Creative writing is more of talent and we have horned the best creative writing talent in our institution.


HealthCare is quite challenging for many students. At platinum Essays, we have consolidated our resources and hired the best-qualified healthcare writers. All writers in this category are at the Masters or P.h.D level.


The Business field is quite broad. It encompasses a variety of subjects including Finance, Accounting, and Economics. Mathematics falls under a category of its own. We classify it among other subjects such as Engineering and Architecture


Nursing is a career that requires perfection while handing in Assignments. At Platinum Essays, we have a department specifically to deal with Nursing Tasks. It’s headed by several P.h.D qualified professionals who act as quality control experts. As a result, Exceptionalism is achieved

Word on the street

Esther Robinson

Esther Robinson

Student | History

As a student of History, I travel a lot. I am also an outgoing person and I love sightseeing. Most often than not, doing assignments becomes challenging due to time. However, since my friend introduced me to Elite College Essays, My assignments are always on time. Amazing right!

James Colins

James Colins

Student | Architecture

Architecture, though an interesting career/course, it comes with several challenges. From designs of today to the development of future designs. At one point, I had to seek help and support. Elite College Essays, I am Grateful.

Laura Davidson

Laura Davidson

Student | Nursing

Combining classes and work almost always led to burnouts. The results were average grades in class. Working with Elite College Essays pushed my Grades a notch higher. Today, there are no burnouts and my grades are the best they can ever be.

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