Week 5.3 Comprehensive Reflection

Week 5.3 Comprehensive Reflection

A large part of your grade in this unit is the Writer’s Statement (See part 2 on your assignment sheet).  An artist’s statement, or a writer’s statement, is a kind of reflection. In order to craft an effective statement, the artist must first reflect on the work they’ve done, the choices they made, and the previous work/experience that led to this moment. For that reason, I want to pause and discuss why we write reflections and what makes a good reflection. This assignment is meant to help you understand the Writer’s Statement so that you can do well on the assignment. 


For this assignment, you should first read Reflection Handout PDF

Actions about comprehensive reflections.  Then answer the questions below. 

  1. What are three lessons/ideas that struck you as important or interesting from the handout? For each one, summarize the idea, then explain what this idea/lesson means to you and how will use it to write your own reflection in this unit. 
  2. I’ve provided guiding questions for you so that you can write an effective Writer’s Statement in Unit 3. Look over those guiding questions, which can be found in the Final Submission Dropbox.  Draw at least two connections between the handout in this assignment and the guiding questions for the Writer’s Statement. How does this handout help you understand the Writer’s Statement better? 
  3. Look at these example artist’s statements. (Links to an external site.) Focus on some of the longer examples, not the really short ones. These are examples of artist’s statements; they are similar to writer’s statements, which you will write. Pick one to discuss:
    • Identify the one you chose.
    • What reflective elements do you see in this artist’s statement? What kind of things do they discuss that are reflective in nature? The reflection handout might help you answer this question. 
    • What similarities do you see between the kinds of things the artist statement addresses and the kinds of things you are asked to address in the Writer’s Statement guiding questions
    • In what way does the artist address their previous work or previous experiences in their statement? 
    • An artist statement is a specific genre. You are being asked to write a “writer’s statement, which is a little different. Looking over the guiding questions again, in what ways will your Writer’s Statement be different from this artist’s statement that you just analyzed?