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URGENT Peer Discussion Responses

URGENT Peer Discussion Responses

Need response 100-150 word

So, to be honest until this week’s module I knew very little about fallacies. I had a good time doing this week’s assignment matching up and explaining how each statement is a fallacy and was able to learn a lot. The fallacy that is my favorite is the red herring fallacy. Some of the examples I found were very comedic to me because of how far out there or unrelated they were. Now in my own life I would say that I am guilty of using the Ad hominem Fallacy. I can think of several instances where I have used it in an attempt to be persuasive. Now I know that attacking an individual versus the issue is not a good way to sway someone to my side or point of view and I will be sure to refrain from using it. which one of the fallacies is your favorite and have you used any before?

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