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  1. To help you design your survey use the following resources as a guide:
    • Measuring Leader’s effectiveness as discussed in Chapters 8 and 9 in our text
    • Harnessing Discretionary Performance model, found in Week 3’s readings and research
    • The positive examples in Chapter 10 of Measure of a Leader
    • The negative examples in Allison Vaillancourt’s (2007) article Avoiding the Top 10 Metrics Mistakes
  2. When you create your survey, develop at least three questions from each of the Harnessing Discretionary Performance model elements (Direction, Ability, Competence, Opportunity, Measures, Feedback, and Consequences). Focus on what you specifically observe leaders in your organization “Do” to harness Discretionary Effort.
  3. Distribute the survey to at least five people in your organization. Survey responses should be anonymous. To the extent possible, include at least two people who report to you, two peers/colleagues, and one person to whom you report. If you have no people reporting to you, distribute the survey to additional peers/colleagues.
  4. In addition, complete a self–assessment of your leadership skills by completing the survey for yourself.
  5. Collect the (2) completed groups of surveys and analyze the results, noting the questions below.
    • To what extent do your leadership survey results agree with your self–assessment of your leadership skills? What factors do you think account for this agreement?
    • To what extent do your leadership survey results contradict your self–assessment of your leadership skills? What factors do you think account for any discrepancies?
    • What, if any, variances do you see in the survey results among subordinates, peers, and/or your leader? Why do you think any variances exist? If no variances exist, what circumstances do you think contribute to the alignment of your self–assessment and the assessments of others?
    • What is the most important thing that you learned about yourself as a leader as a result of doing this survey?
    • What one thing about your survey results surprised you most? Why?

      How To Quickly Measure Your Success as a Leader (transcript)  

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