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Response 1

Response 1

In reference to the provided material, other things that should be considered when designing a program are age/ performance level, needs of the sport, and phase training. For age, a program should consider their biological development during the process. A study was done where it looked at age and how it influenced the effectiveness of neuromuscular training (NMT) on an ACL tear in female athletes. The results showed that the younger the athletes were, the more effective NMT was on preventive measures for ACL tears. If a coach is designing a program for their client, age should be considered for this exact reason. Coaching adolescents can provide an opportunity to implement designs for injury prevention later in life. Considering needs of sport will allow the coach to be intentional with their program. This will allow the athlete to have specific workouts that’ll directly influence their sport. Using competitive athletes, phase training should be done year-round. There should be an off-season training then in season training. For example, CrossFit athletes, during off season it would be a great time to implement a longer strength cycle to build strength. Rather than during the in season, the athlete can be tapering down working on aerobic capacity and efficiency through movements, competition style workouts.

A good program will ensure that the program is revolved around the athlete’s skill, and specific prime moves that are needed to perform their skill/ sport. This will allow for the athlete to build upon their foundation throughout the training’s phases.

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