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There are various research designs (i.e., fixed, flexible, and mixed) that help to shape and form one’s research. Each design has various methods associated with the design (Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed-Methods). Each one of those methods then has a design method associated with it (i.e. Correlational Analysis, Case Study, etc.). This week you will dig into the different designs and methods and consider what might be the most appropriate style of research to address the problem “the impact of employee engagement on the success of organizations in the healthcare sector”.  After reviewing and considering the three designs discussed in the text, please address the following questions:

1. Describe the three designs and when is it appropriate to use each design? How are the designs similar? How are the designs different?

2. What specific methods are related to each of these designs? 

3. What design (fixed, flexible, mixed), method (quantitative, qualitative, mixed-method), and method design (i.e. correlational, case study, phenomenology, etc.) is most appropriate to address the proposed research problem “the impact of employee engagement on the success of organizations in the healthcare sector”.? Provide a rationale for why you believe it is the most appropriate. 

The overall length is two pages of content fully substantiated by 5 scholarly research. 


Fixed Design Methods  Quantitative

· Experimental

· Quasi-experimental 

· Nonexperimental 

o Descriptive

o Correlational

o Causal-Comparative 

Flexible Design Methods  Qualitative

· Narrative

· Phenomenology 

· Grounded Theory  

· Case Study 

o Single Case Study 

o Multiple Case Study

· Ethnography 

Mixed-Methods Design Methods Quantitative   & Qualitative

· Convergent parallel 

· Explanatory   Sequential 

· Exploratory Sequential Transformative 

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