1. Explain the difference between feeding and eating.

2. Define foodways and how they are related to food habits.

3. Explain the omnivore’s paradox.

4. Describe how the symbolic function of food is associated with cultural identity.

5. Define acculturation and discuss why food habits are difficult to change.

6. Taste is the primary motivation in the Consumer Food Choice model. Discuss how three other factors of this model influence your food choice.

7. Explain how the biomedical world view can be related to cultural imposition and contrast it with respect to three areas (hint: your book discusses nature, fate, state of being, individual, equality, aging, time, directness, and materialism/spirituality – chose three of these to discuss).

8. Define healing therapies and discuss their categories of treatment.

9. Define medical pluralism.

10) Discuss biomedical healing and the relationship necessary for the medical professional and their client.