Professional Success

Professional Success

 Overview: Create a final portfolio focused on a particular position in your career field. Your final project will include an ATS Resume with a cover letter, an audio or video submission of your elevator pitch, as well as a screenshot of your professional email signature. Include the following four (4) sections in your final portfolio: 1. ATS Resumé: Instructions: Include the following in your ATS resumé: • Your current contact information • Job objective/summary • Educational history • Experience: Employment, volunteer experience, and extracurricular experience, if applicable • Special skills: Occupation-specific and transferable skills that relate to the position • Awards and achievements Requirements: • Include the job description with your resumé submission. Use only information relevant to the position in your resumé. • Resumé should be free of any images, designs, charts, tables, and be wellstructured, clear, and concise. • Include core industry keywords and a significant number of keywords from the job description. • Be sure the resumé is easy to understand, and all abbreviations spelled out. • Submit your resume in Word format. 2. Cover Letter: Instructions: Your cover letter should include the following components: • The first paragraph should indicate the position you’re interested in applying for and CTC301 – Professional Success Seminar Unit 8 Final Portfolio – ATS Resumé, Cover Letter, Elevator Pitch, and Email Signature how you learned about the position. If a network contact knows people at the company to which you’re applying, consider mentioning that person’s name and your connection. • The next paragraph or two should explain why you’re suited for the job. If you have experience or qualifications of particular value to the employer, call them out clearly. If you have little experience but a solid education, mention it and any special awards that may interest an employer. • Conclude your cover letter. The final paragraph should express your interest in the position and thank the person for their time. Requirements: • Be sure your letter is targeted, concise, structured, and specific to the job position. • Include all of the required components, as listed above. • Be sure your tone and vocabulary are professional and use clear and error-free writing and grammar. 3. Elevator Pitch: Instructions: • Introduce yourself with your first and last name at the start of the pitch. • Include three (3) keywords. Consider the following as you choose your keywords: o Your career goal o The key knowledge, skills, abilities, and other relevant information that sets you apart as the best fit for a particular job/career (Refer to your resume for this information.) • For each of your keywords, include relevant details and a very brief example that demonstrates how the keyword applies to you. The example can be from your current work, a prior job, a college course, a volunteer activity, or even a family responsibility. • Include other key knowledge, skills, abilities, and relevant information that sets you apart as the best fit for a particular job/career (Refer to your resume for this information.) • At the end of the pitch, thank the other person. You may want to ask the other person a question, such as, “May I send you my resume?” Business cards may be exchanged. Requirements: • Audio or video format required. • The tone should be conversational. • The pitch should be approximately 30 seconds in length. 4. Email Signature: Your email signature tells the world who you are, what brand you represent, what role you play, your contact information, and the links to your social media. Instructions: Include the following elements into your email signature: • Full name • College and year of graduation • High-quality picture (in high-quality) • Direct phone number • Website and/or social network sites Requirements: • Submit a screenshot of your email signature with your portfolio. 

 ATS resumé includes only information relevant to the position. 

 ATS resumé format is free of any images, designs, charts, and tables. It is well structured, clear, and concise. 

 ATS resumé contains core industry keywords and a significant number of keywords from the job description. 

 Job description is included with the submission. 

The job that i am going for which should be shown as the job im applying to is a cyber security analyst 

*I included an old resume for you to take some information off of.