Principles of Marketing MKTG 210

Principles of Marketing MKTG 210

You will select an organization of your choice and discuss what has, or has not, made the organization a success.

Be sure to address the following areas in your paper:

  • What product or service does the organization offer?
  • Who is the target market?
  • Discuss what elements of the marketing mix have/have not been employed.
  • Is their use of the elements of the marketing mix working? Explain.
  • Discuss how customer value is being created and how it is fostering/hindering growth.
  • What is the organization’s pricing strategy?
  • Discuss where the organization’s key product is in the product lifecycle and what the organization can do to further enhance or maintain its product life cycle position (as recommended).
  • Apply specific examples from Weeks 1-4 readings and class discussions to support your paper.

Be sure to cite at least three sources outside of your text using the most current edition of the APA Manual of Style. 

Outside sources can include books, websites, journals, magazines or research papers. 

Paper should be a minimum of 1000 words, excluding your reference section and title page. 

The documents should be submitted in word, double-spaced, with consistent 1-inch margins on each page and font consistent with APA guidelines.