Please answer each question separately

 Please answer each question separately

 Please answer each question separately. One question per page

  • Describe  the process of perception as a series of steps, beginning with the  environmental stimulus and culminating in the behavioral responses of  perceiving, recognizing, and acting.

  • Because  the long axons of neurons look like electrical wires, and both neurons  and electrical wires conduct electricity, it is tempting to equate the  two. Compare and contrast the functioning of axons and electrical wires  in terms of their structure and the nature of the electrical signals  they conduct.

  • What is inference? Describe Hermann von Helmholtz’s Theory of Unconscious Inference. Compare and contrast the likeilhood principle with unconscious inference listing three similarities and three differences. 

  • What  are the characteristics of the energy that we see as visible light?  Provide an example illustrating how these characteristics are expressed  when someone sees a rainbow. What types of things (situations and/or  objects) can interfere with these characteristics?

  • How  does the eye transduce light energy into a neural message? What is the  blind spot in the eye and how does it impact the transduction of light  energy?