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personnel identity

personnel identity

Step Eight We know that our memories are stored in patterns of neural connections in our brains, and so, in the future, scientists could hypothetically discover the code used by our brains to store memories and use this knowledge to “implant” memories in our minds by rewiring our neurons. In this hypothetical scenario, scientists could scan your brain and use this information to implant all of your memories into a clone. Upon awakening from surgery, the clone would have all of your memories and no memories of its own – the clone would think he/she is you. Imagine that the brain scan procedure would kill your brain if it happened to you. Nevertheless, it would allow all of your memories to be implanted into a newer, fresher brain and younger, healthier body whenever you wished. Explain whether or not the clones with your memories would be you. If this procedure were offered to you, would you agree to it? Why or why not? (1 paragraph minimum, 20 points.)

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