Begin conducting research on GREGORIO ALLEGRI .  Your final report should include the following:

  • Biographical information on the composer including birth and death dates, location, instruments played, teachers/education, prominent students, positions held, and influence on music history.
  • Style period of the composer including musical characteristics.
  • Detailed analysis of two works by the selected composer.
  • A list of important works by the composer.
  • A brief review of a CD containing works by the selected composer.

You must cite the Oxford Companion to Music article for your composer.

Compare your composer’s work with the composers from the other period.  Baroque group you will compare your composer’s work with at least two composers in the Classical period. You must complete this part by the end of the due date indicated in the course calendar.  Post your answer in the form of a response in the Composer Project Discussion Board.

Compare/contrast at least five of the following Elements of Music:

  • Contrast of Mood or Unity of Mood?
  • Dynamics – Contrasting volumes or the same throughout, gradual or sudden changes?
  • Rhythm – Fast or Slow Tempo?  Are there any tempo changes?  Simple or complicated rhythms?
  • Texture – Homophonic, Polyphonic, or Monophonic?
  • Melody – Simple or busy, Stepwise or disjointed, staccato or legato, etc.
  • Instrumentation – Vocal or Instrumental? Which instruments are used?
  • Form – Binary, Ternary, Sonata, Rondo, etc.
  • Purpose – Sacred, Secular, etc.