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Define hedonism and give two examples. Discuss how hedonism can explain some motivated behaviors.

Identify and describe the characteristics of molar behavior. Do you believe that all behavior is purposive? Explain why or why not.

Define cognitive dissonance and explain why people experience cognitive dissonance. Explain three ways to reduce cognitive dissonance.

Identify and explain the basic assumptions of attribution theory. Explain how we are biased in the attributions we make.

Identify and describe the five characteristics of Carl Rogers’s fully functioning individual. Identify which characteristics of the fully functioning individual you possess.

Define motivation and discuss its characteristics.

Describe the concepts of intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation.  Provide examples of each and discuss how they are related.

·Explain the relationship between motivation and behavior.

Explain how behavior exhibits motivation.

Discuss your personal model of motivation to include biological, learning, and/or cognitive approaches.  Include personal examples related to motivation and how it influences your behavior.

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