Managerial Accounting

Managerial Accounting


A local PBS station has decided to produce a TV series on Robotic manufacturing. The director of the TV series, Justin Tyme, is currently attempting to analyze some of the projected costs for the series. Tyme intends to take a TV production crew on location to shoot various manufacturing scenes as they occur. If the four week series is shown in the 8:00 – 9:00pm . prime-time slot, the station will have to cancel a wildlife show that is currently scheduled . management projects a 10 percent viewing audience for the wildlife show, and each 1 percent is expected to bring in donation of $10,000. In contrast, the manufacturing show is expected to be watched by 15 percent of the viewing audience. However, each 1 percent of the viewership will likely generate only$5000 in Donations. If the Wildlife show is canceled, it can be sold to network television for $25,000.

Using the cost terminology introduced in this chapter, Comment on each of the Financial Amounts Mentioned in the Scenario above.

What are the relatives merits of the two show regarding the projected revenue to the station?

Each team will prepare a write-up and a PowerPoint presentation of the solutions to the Case Study  utilizing the following Structure:

  1. Briefly provide an Overview of the case study facts
  2. Identify and describe the Managerial Accounting Topic
  3. Briefly identify the Requirements in the case study
  4. Provide the Solutions to the requirements in the case study
  5. Provide Personal Thoughts regarding major learning points from the case study