History Homework

History Homework

From the lecture about the Native Americans, this Betty Bob cartoon depicts the natives in a very negative way. Based in the fallowing list of tropes, just write how Betty Boop is personified and the natives in the cartoon using the list I’ve provided. For example 

Betty Boop

Personified as a Human, etc. 

Native Americans

Personified as animals, etc. (Links to an external site.) 

European perceptions about natives 

  • Natives had no “soul”
  • They were seen as “children”
  • They were seen equal to “animals”

–Which made them violent

  • Were considered to be “savages”
  • They were seen as “evil”

Had no “reason

Europeans on how they view themselves

  • They had “souls”
  • They were “adults”
  • They were “humans”
  • They were “tolerant”
  • They were “good”
  • The had “reason”