EBT response 1

EBT response 1

Evidence based practice is a concept applied in the healthcare environment for quality care improvement and generation of desired benefits for patients, healthcare providers, and the healthcare system as a whole. The main aim of this concept is to integrate various concepts into healthcare. For instance; best current research evidence, the expertise, healthcare providers’ experiences, and patient preferences. Additionally, Evidence based practice entails the utilization of the most current available research for the improvement of the health of the patients while reducing overall costs and variation in health outcomes. Various healthcare organizations have incorporated this concept to achieve higher quality care delivery (Fajarini et al.,2020).

For this discussion, I will be reviewing the website of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) and determining if the website supports evidence-based practice. The AANP is a professional healthcare organization that grants membership to nurse practitioners and nurse practitioner students. Over 104,000 members have joined this organization to improve patient care and advance the profession. The benefits of being a member include; access to continuing education, networking opportunities, and access to the most up to date medical journals. While exploring the various tabs on the website, I feel that EBP is apparent on the website in numerous places such as the press room site, research opportunities site, and practice related research site (Mossé, 2021).

Through the exploration of the website, I was able to identify an area that documented how nurse practitioners are involved in the medically assisted treatment (MAT) and the opioid epidemic. The information of how nurse practitioners are assisting with improving patient outcomes with opioid use disorder is insightful. Statistical data such as graphs, and infographics are also provided for review. This evidence-based research helps shed light on ways that advanced practice nurses can help in the improvement of quality care, reduce healthcare costs, and improve patient outcomes (Thomas, 2021).

As I embark on my academic career, I believe that I must become part of a professional nursing organization that supports EBP. As a nurse practitioner, I will be able to touch many lives. Additionally, I will also advocate for improved patient outcomes, reduced healthcare spending, and delivery of quality healthcare. I feel that by joining AANP, I will be aligning myself with a network of professionals who are focused on the same goal, and seeking to utilize EBP.  


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