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drug courts

drug courts


Drug courts are supervised judicial entities that specifically deal with nonviolent drug offenses. The purpose of these courts is to accommodate recovery and restoration of the offenders to make them productive members of society.

Assignment Guidelines

  • What are the specific goals of drug courts? Explain. 
  • When is a person tried at a drug court? Explain. 
  • Find a drug court in a municipality near you. 
    • What types of agencies are involved in this drug court? Explain 
      • What is the reason for each of the types of agency involvement? Explain. 
    • What methods and techniques does this drug court use for supervision, treatment, and graduation? Explain. 
    • What specific types of offenses seem to be most common in this court? Explain. 
    • What special programs are in place to ensure the success of this court? Explain in detail. 
  • Are drug courts effective? Use research to support your response. 
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style. 

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