Domino’s Case Study

Domino’s Case Study

Case #1

(Executive summaries should be between 1-2 pages, single-spaced, 12 pt. font.)

Textbook Case #10 Domino’s Pizza

Based on the case facts in the textbook (50 points):

1) Perform a SWOT analysis on Dominos. (20 points)

2) Identify three current strategies and explain whether they should be continued or modified and why? (20 points)

3) Identify a new strategy Domino’s should pursue and why, include some discussion of how you would implement it. (10 points)

Based on your research of the Company’s most recent annual report (internet search; company webpage — investor relations; and latest 10K/10Q reports – (25 points)

4) Describe the company’s current performance – mention specific improvements and areas of concern. (15 points)

5) Identify a major strategic change since the case. Describe what it is, what it is meant to correct or enhance, and then give your opinion of whether you think it will work or not. (10 points)