Discussion Reply!!! About 75 Words

Discussion Reply!!! About 75 Words


  • Describe how you would build a PC. Identify the parts used to build  the PC and their alignment to the PC’s primary use. Be specific with  details for each component. What component would you invest in the most?  Explain why.

The first thing we must know before building a computer is what the  purpose of this computer will be. Once we decide on the type of computer  we want to build, we can determine how good each of its components must  be so it can perform the way we need it.

One of my dreams has always been to have a super gaming computer, so I  based my project on this pc build. Please find below everything that I  will need to make my ideal PC a reality.

Motherboard: The motherboard support and connects  all components of a PC, and when it comes to a gaming computer the  motherboard allows the graphics card and processor to perform better. I  chose the MAG B560 TOMAHAWK WIFI Motherboard for my gaming PC.

Central Processing Unit (CPU): The CPU is the brain  of a computer. “This component is what helps the computer to process  input, store data, and output results. Without a CPU, we could not run  programs on a computer.” (CPU: Central Processing Unit | AP CSP ) ( n.d)

My choice for a CPU was Intel Core i9-10850K Comet Lake.

Operating System (OS): The OS is a software that  communicates with the hardware and allows other programs to run. I chose  for the project the professional version of Windows 10 as my OS.

Random Access Memory (RAM): “RAM is the part of your  device that functions like its short-term memory. It keeps track of  what programs are running in the background and what they’re doing, so  when you focus on them again, they can get right back to work.” (McCall,  2021)

I went with the CORSAIR – VENGEANCE RGB PRO for my project.

Hard Drive(s): Hard drive is an important component  for a gaming computer. This will provide storage for your games and (if  fast enough) support the graphics. I decided to go with a Solid-state  drive (SSD) instead of the HDD. SSD’s as we all know by now don’t have  moving parts, giving them an extra advantage over HDD. On top of that,  games will launch and load quicker when installed on an SSD.

Optical Drive: “An optical drive uses a laser or  visible light to read or write to optical discs such as DVDs, Blu-Ray,  and CDs from your computer.” (Optical drives )(n.d). ASUS  BW-16D1X-U Writable Blu-ray Drive was my choice for the project because  besides running in a Blu-ray format, it is also compatible with DVD and  CD format.

Video Graphics: A good graphic card is a very  essential thing to have if you are trying to build a decent gaming  computer. Current games are more advanced when it comes to graphics  capabilities and the size of the game itself, if you have a graphic card  that can’t keep up with these games, your computer won’t function how  you need it. GEFORCE RTX 3080 was my choice for this important  component.

Power Supply Unit (PSU): The power supply is the  beating heart of a PC. A great PSU will give you a longer-lasting  motherboard and will also increase the longevity of the other  components, including the graphics card and processor. I went with  Corsair RM750x as my PSU for my project.

Case: “The primary function of a computer case is to  protect the computer’s components from harm. A secondary function is to  easily transport the computer from place to place.” (What is the function of a computer case? )(n.d). My choice for my CPU Case is CORSAIR Obsidian 500D RGB SE Mid-Tower Case.

Monitor: The monitor is an output device that its  main responsibility is to display the final result of all of your  computer’s image rendering and processing. I selected the Samsung 49”  Odyssey G9 for my PC project.

Keyboard: The main function of a keyboard is to  operate the computer by sending it data. This data often consists of  characters (letters, numbers, line escapes), but can also tell the  computer to perform a function such as change the brightness or eject a  disk from the disk drive.

Mouse: The mouse is an input device that allows to perform different functions such as select and navigate through the PC.

For my computer project, I will spend most of the money on the  Graphics Card and the Monitor. The other components are extremely  important as well, but because I’m trying to build a gaming PC, I will  focus more on enhancing the game’s graphics than anything else.


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