Discussion 4

Discussion 4

 Assignment 4 – Hofstede Cultural DimensionsWhen conducting business in cultures outside of our own there may be significant differences how the two cultures view the world, communicate and maintain relationships. Geert Hofstede developed a set of dimensions that help us identify these differences. Please watch the video and read the attached documents to understand these concepts. Hofstede – Cultural Dimensions Now that you have reviewed these resources, score the following countries based on Hofstede’s model. Then briefly discuss what each of these scores mean. (The video discusses six dimensions, focus only on the five)Dimensions1.  Power Distance2.  Individualism vs. Collectivism3.  Masculinity vs. Femininity4.  Uncertainty Avoidance5.  Long Term Orientation vs. Short Term OrientationCountries

  • United States
  • China
  • Sweden
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Germany
  • Mexico

What challenges do you anticipate if a business person from the United States was negotiating with a company in India? Deliverables:

  • Spreadsheet or table with scores and brief explanations of country specific dimensions.
  • A short 100 to 150 word explanation of the challenges between the two specified countries when negotiating.
  • Upload file to this assignment area.

Use additional research to support your answers and remember to cite your sources.