• Watch one of the films from the list of Classic Film Noir movies.
  • Watch one of the films from the list of Neo-Noir movies.

Compare the two films, focusing on the elements that define Film Noir.  Answer the following questions:

  • What thematic and visual tropes are used in the classic film noir you watched?
  • What are the thematic and visual tropes used in the neo-noir and does it use those in a different way?  If the neo-noir is in color, does it find new ways to create the same visual feel of the classic black and white films?  
  • If it is in black and white, does it merely pay homage to the classic films, or does the filmmaker attempt to create a different visual style?  
  • Do the cultural changes in society’s attitudes toward race and gender change how the noir characters are presented and how does that effect the themes of the modern neo-noir?  
  • Does our modern ratings system affect the way the neo-noir films deal with morality, violence and sex? 

Respond to at least three of your classmates.

Remember to show how you incorporate the class materials into your response to the topic.