Deliverable 5 – Executive Summary On Sustainable And Renewable Resources

Deliverable 5 – Executive Summary On Sustainable And Renewable Resources

Deliverable 5 – Executive Summary on Sustainable and Renewable Resources

Assignment Content

  1. Competency
    Analyze sustainable and renewable resources and their role in business.

    Student Success Criteria
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    You are the operations manager for a large manufacturing company. The board of directors for the company is concerned about increasing electric bills. The board is also concerned about environmental impacts of the current energy sources the organization depends on.

    The board wants to invest in technology that allows the company to take advantage of renewable and sustainable resource technologies, such as solar or wind power, along with options these technologies have to help select the best fit for the company. The company has money budgeted for this purpose but must explain and justify the expenses to a group of investors.

    The board of directors asks that you prepare an Executive Summary for the investors that will explain the technology you recommend. Details on the economic and environmental reasons for this change to renewable resource technology are essential. Include applicable legal, ethical, or financial concerns regarding the use of the technology. Be sure to support your recommendations with credible resources. Using the assigned readings in this module is a good starting point. Research databases are listed in the Resources area below.

    In this assignment, you have the opportunity to expand your knowledge on renewable and sustainable resource technology while providing the board and a group of investors with an Executive Summary. The audiences may not be familiar with this technology so be thorough in your descriptions and explanations.

    In Microsoft Word, create the Executive Summary. The Executive Summary should be 1 – 2 pages and should accomplish these objectives:

    • Describe the recommended technology the business could use to move to more renewable resources (be sure to use credible sources).
    • Support the move to this renewable technology with economic data from similar companies.
    • Support the move to this renewable technology based on environmental conservation factors.
    • Prepare arguments for any legal, ethical, or financial concerns the readers could have with this technology.
    • In an APA formatted reference section, cite supporting credible sources for your recommendation.
    • NOTE – Be sure the document displays proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.