ch 4 questions1

ch 4 questions1

ch 4 questions

1. What are the implications of having a fiber-optic cable to everyone’s home?

2. What are implications of BitTorrent for the music industry? For the motion picture industry?

3. Discuss pros and cons of P2P networks. 

4. Should the Internet be regulated? If so, by whom?

5. Discuss pros and cons of delivering this book over the Internet.

6.  Explain how the Internet works. Assure you are talking with someone who  has no knowledge of information technology (in other words, keep it  very simple).

7.  How are the network applications of communication and collaboration  related? Do communication tools also support collaboration? Give  examples.

8. Search online for the article from The Atlantic.“Is Google Making Us Stupid?” IsGoogle making us stupid? Support your answer. 

9. Refer to the chapter opening case:

a. How do you feel about the net neutrality issue?

b. Do you believe heavier bandwidth users should pay for more bandwidth?

c. Do you believe wireless carriers should operate under different rules than wireline carriers?

d.  Evaluate your own bandwidth usage. (For example: Do you upload and  download large files, such as movies?) If network neutrality were to be  eliminated, what would the impact be for you?

e.  Should businesses monitor network usage? Do see a problem with  employees using company-purchased bandwidth for personal use? Please  explain your answer. 


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  Book to be used : 

? Management Information Systems, Rainer, Prince, Watson, 3rd Edition