Cda Portfolio

Cda Portfolio

Nine Learning Experiences (activities), written in your own words, including one from each of the following curricular areas:

RC II-1: Science/Sensory

RC II-2: Language and Literacy

RC II-3: Creative Arts

RC II-4: Fine Motor (Please choose an indoor activity)

RC II-5: Gross Motor (Please choose an outdoor activity)

RC II-6: Self Concept

RC II-7: Emotional Skills/Regulation

RC II-8: Social Skills

Rc II-9: Mathematics

For example, for RC II-1, Science/Sensory, you might write about an experience entitled “Smell Jars” and for RC II-6, Self Concept, you might write about an experience titled “self Portraits”.

For each experience indicate the age group (3s, 4s, or 5s) and list the intended goals, materials, and process/teaching strategies. For each activity, discuss why it is developmentally appropriate for that age group.