business stats 1

business stats 1

Create a Word document for your submission. The Word document needs to have a title page, a table of contents (the Microsoft website has lots of tutorials on how to create one, as does YouTube) and the body of your response. 

The title page should have: (i) a real title like “Analysis of IQ and Foot Size” and not an uninformative title like “Business Statistics cases,” (ii) your name and (iii) the date.  You do not need to put any other information on the title page (like my name or the course number).  This way, you can reuse the portfolio if you ever need to submit a writing sample somewhere.

Each response (each mini-case) should have its own subheading which should be listed in the table of contents along with the page number where that mini-case starts. 

Each page should have a page number somewhere (I suggest putting the page number on the bottom center of each page but it’s up to you)..

For all of these, use the following outline:  first, explain the problem (do not copy and paste my instructions – explain the problem in your own words), then answer what is being asked of you, then conclude with a summary of what next steps might be.

Case study 1:

You work for the athletics department at a University.  The coach of the basketball team assembled who was perceived to be top five players into the first team and the second tier of five players into the second team. Yet, the second team continually beat the first team in practice games.  The coach wants to find out why.  Write a recommendation for how the coach can use statistics to understand why things are happening the way they are.  

Case study 2:

You work for a large manufacturer and you’re in charge of manufacturing three different items (pick any three items you like).  You have a big meeting coming up where you have to explain what portion of your manufacturing is focused on which item as well as production times and costs of each item.  Write an instructional memo to your statistics team explaining to them what you want from them (including each variable, any measures of central tendency and dispersion as well as any graphs and charts) to be able to do your presentation.  

Case study 3:

You work in property management for a large real estate company.  Your company has just acquired several condos in the area.  Your boss wants you to work with the marketing team on how to price the rent for the condos.  The marketing team is willing to survey the local residents to find out whatever information you need to know.  Write an instructional memo to your marketing team explaining to them what questions you want them to ask (pick three questions), including what you want the scale of the variable associated with each question to be.  Give them examples of what each question should look like, and explain why you want the scale you want.