Business Plan Outline

Business Plan Outline

For this assignment you will develop a business plan outline and a written executive summary of the key concepts of the business plan.  Your target for this assignment is the Company you identified in the Business Plan Development assignment.  You are not actually creating the video submission in this assignment, but you are creating the content you will present in your final presentation video.

Listed below are the typical elements that are found in most simple business plans.  Each section expresses details that are important to the plan  and its goals and objectives as they relate to the overall growth of the organization.  Some business plans focus on niche opportunities or special projects.  Some are for the firm as a whole.  In most cases the Executive Summary is developed after the full plan is completed and is used to bring all areas of the organization on board with the plan and how it will be achieved.

Your objective is to create a niche element for the  company you have identified and develop a simple business plan using these headings. 

For example:  Southwest Airlines is a key employer based in Dallas.  They fly to Hawaii and an interesting niche business plan might be to develop more of a first class approach for flyers on this route.  Listed below are some of the elements that would be important to developing this business plan.  From them you can develop a 3 to 5 minute presentation of an Executive Summary of the plan.  Your objective is to do the same for the company you have selected, and the business plan idea you have created. 

fo example;



Executive Summary

Current Marketing Situation

SWA has connecting flights to Hawaii that are served from Dallas and other major cities.  The flight to Hawaii is like most others, crowded and at capacity. 

Market Description

Price sensitive

Product Review

Competitive Review

United, Delta, and American are the major  domestic  competitors

Distribution Review






Objectives and Issues

Develop a first class flight at a lower cost.

Marketing Strategy


Product Strategy

Reduce number of seats in the plane for comfort and atmosphere

Pricing Strategy

Not the most expensive and not the cheapest

Distribution Strategy

Offer prime flights to frequent SWA customers

Communications Strategy

Frequent flyer emails, terminal displays, in flight marketing and corrependence

Marketing Research

Internal data and competition data

Marketing Organization

Action Programs Metrics

     1st Quarter/Year

Offer flights to preferred customers

     2nd Quarter/Year

Measure sales data

     3rd Quarter/Year

Expand offering to full market

     4th Quarter/Year

Increase number of flights to Hawaii

Pro Forma Budgets/Financials

Additional Controls

For this assignment complete a similar chart and then write an Executive Summary of the idea.  You will video your presentation of the Executive Summary in the final assignment