• Choose 4 videos from different chapters below and in at least one post write a paragraph for each video. Each paragraph should have a strong topic sentence and contain at least 5-6 additional supporting sentences.

You are to identify the key term or concept, explain it in your own words, and describe how the key terms or concepts relate to each video. Make sure to use bold font for key words and concepts from the class in your  paragraphs. Use the most important key terms from the chapter that relate to each video.

• Additionally you are to comment with at least 3 sentences on at least 2 other students posts by adding to the discussion. Do not just make a simple statement or say I agree. Your comment should be informative and enhance the conversation. (not a simple question or agreement).

Please see the rubric in the syllabus to understand how you will be graded. To get started with your submission hit the button Reply below and compose your discussion post. Note you musts post first to the discussion, before you will see the other student posting.