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Assignment 16

Assignment 16

 Medicare has been in existence since 1965, and during the intervening years, its original design has been greatly modified. The recipients of Medicare may have stayed basically the same, but the delivery, types of services, control, and regulations have changed significantly and continue to change.

For this assignment, read the two articles listed below:

Kaiser Family Foundation. (2011). Restructuring Medicare’s beneficiary design: Implications for beneficiaries and spending. Retrieved from Restructuring Medicare’s Benefit Design: Implications for Beneficiaries and Spending.

Kaiser Family Foundation. (2012). Medicare’s role for dual-eligible beneficiaries. Retrieved from Medicare’s Role for Dual Eligible Beneficiaries.

Address the following questions:

  • Identify one or two main points from each selected article.
  • Explain in detail the issues presented in the articles and their impact on the recipients of Medicare.
  • Explain in detail the issues presented in the articles and their impact on the providers to Medicare recipients.

 Assignment should be addressed in a 2- to 3-page document. 

 Cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format. 

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