Active Directory Concepts

Active Directory Concepts

Each topic can be 1-2 paragraphs which will sum up to 2 pages. I’ve attached the template needed for the assignment along with the grading rubric. 

Complete the following in a Word document titled “Assessment 2”:

  • One of the most powerful features of Active Directory (AD) is the Group Policy setting tool. The AD Group Policy setting tool is an essential tool for system administrators to have when managing Windows systems. This tool provides centralized management and configuration of AD objects. There are countless policies that systems administrators can configure with this tool. For example, a system administrator can disable the USB ports of certain workstations from accepting thumb drives to prevent virus introduction into the system.
    • Explain the steps to configure a group policy that enables users to click a button (such as a printer icon) to receive instructions on how to install a network printer on their workstation.
  • Systems administrators often work in a client-server environment. One of the many tasks that you would have to perform is the configuration of IP settings for servers and workstations that you manage.
    • Identify a type of network device to which you would assign a dynamic IP address and a network device to which you would assign a static IP address, and then explain why they are appropriate.
    • Pick a network device and explain how to configure its IP address.
  • The Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) can be a very useful set of tools for system administrators. Windows domain controllers are often in remote locations so system administrators often use RSAT to access and manage domains.
    • Explain how to access RSAT.
    • Assume you need to recover an encrypted password on a remote laptop. Explain which RSAT tool (or tools) you would enable. Why?
    • Explain why RSAT features are not enabled by default.

Submission Requirements

Put the following documents in a zip file and submit them in the course room.

  • Lab Reports and/or screen shots (with summary of learnings).
  • Assessment 2.
  • Minimum 2 pages.
  • Use the following template: Assessment 2 format.docx