635 Harsha Assign2

635 Harsha Assign2


Assignment 2 – IT Outsourcing

 For this assignment you will need to find two articles from business or IT professional publications/websites. The first article should discuss a successful outsourcing relationship, while the second should discuss an unsuccessful outsourcing relationship.  For each article, you need to:

 1- Provide a summary of the main points, including the outsourcing company, the vendor (contractor: the company which will carry out the outsources functions, tasks, etc.), what is being outsourced, etc.

2- Discuss in -in some detail- the differences between those cases (the successful and unsuccessful) in light of the points brought up in Week 4’s readings. The analysis should emphasize what made each situation successful or unsuccessful. 

 Please pay special attention to the following:

 1- Each of the two articles you use must discuss an actual case of success/failure. The article must present -in reasonable depth- an outsourcing relationship that worked or did not work. That is, it is not acceptable to:

   a- Use an article that just discusses -in generic terms- the attributes of successful vs unsuccessful outsourcing.

   b- Use an article that just provides a laundry list of companies that succeeded or failed in their outsourcing endeavours, without in-depth analysis of the reasons/causes for success or lack thereof. 

2- You must provide links for both articles.