566 DB 3

566 DB 3

This week, we are focusing on different types of analyses and how they are used to address various business problems. Write a discussion post addressing the questions below.

  1. ???? Chapter 3 of the book distinguishes four different types of analytics: (1) Descriptive Analytics, (2) Diagnostic Analytics, (3) Predictive Analytics, and (4) Prescriptive Analytics. Draw on your experience (from work, university, etc.) and discuss at least one example/scenario for each type of analytics. Be sure to address which question you are addressing with the analysis, why this is important, what data you are using, and what type of analytical procedure is being used.
  2. ???? Where does artificial intelligence (AI) fit into accounting decision-making? Search for “accounting artificial intelligence” and read some of the articles that appear (focus on high-quality, reliable sources). What are the main takeaways? What questions do you have after reading the articles?

As before, remember to properly cite all your sources according to APA guidelines (see Sample Post in the Syllabus).

Your post should be at least 400 words (it can be longer, of course) and you must respond to/meaningfully interact with at least two of your classmates to receive full credit.